The paradox of perfectionism

[T]he perfectionist’s creative process is so tiresome that he or she will lose motivation fast. If each blog post takes three hours to be written, formatted, and thought-out perfectly, you’ll publish less often and you’ll discard a lot of ideas that could’ve been great. This is the paradox of perfectionism: your best work is produced when you’re not striving towards perfection. Being a perfectionist is so de-motivating that you’ll wind up producing less and never create the masterpiece that realizes your full creative potential.

I don’t remember Rob interviewing me for this piece, but, umm, he must have. If one thing — other than work — affects the rate at which I post here, post-process photos, etc., it’s the perfection-is-attainable pipe dream I’ve been holding on to since the day I was born; it can be overcoming.