TipToe iPhone app

TipToe was created to make web search easier while on the go. Instead of using the built-in Google search of Safari, you can just search the web from TipToe, with a few advantages: the engine is based on Bing and Blekko, with a bit of artificial intelligence on top. It should remove all aggregated results of server farms, and the interface is free of ads. One more point: TipToe does NOT track your searches, and respects your privacy.

I’ve been enjoying this app for a couple of weeks, and especially like the ability to jump quickly back to the original search results, no matter how deep I drill into a particular result.

What’s rather annoying though is the shifting state of the Share menu. While you can customize it to show only those services you want available, it displays just three at a time. What’s more annoying still is that you can’t fully control the three that are shown–it’s simply the three you’ve most recently used.

(Also, worst icon ever.)