Trials Evolution for Xbox 360

Trials Evolution (watch the launch trailer) is the successor to the incredible Trials HD. When Trials HD came out in 2009, I said:

A ridiculously fun, slightly-more-than-casual game from RedLynx and Microsoft. The physics, and consequently the gameplay, are spot-on.

Surprise, this latest version is even better. I know, you kind of expected that, but really, it is. I’ve put a ton of hours into it since I downloaded it yesterday, and when I’m not playing it, I’m thinking about playing it.

I’ve yet to see a review that’s worse than 9/10, and most are closer to 9.5/10. Joystiq gave it a 10/10 and concluded their review with:

In short, every addition RedLynx has made to Evolution serves to bolster the offerings of Trials HD, while continuing to highlight the game’s base: a fantastic physics engine that drives a flow that is simultaneously simple, addictive and frantic.

I couldn’t agree more. It’s a fantastic, fun game that’s worth every penny of its $15 cost.