All laptop screens in Apple’s stores are set to the exact same angle to encourage customers to adjust them

I’m sorry, but after every one and their brother linked to this—and praised it as some sort of brilliant marketing ploy—I’m calling bullshit on it.

If you were anal and a perfectionist—like me and and those who run Apple’s retail operations—or you simply took a little pride in your store, wouldn’t you, every morning before the stores opened, make sure the screens of your products all looked the same? Of course you would. OK, so, nothing terribly interesting there.

Can we all agree too that no matter what angle a laptop screen is at when a customer approaches it, that person will move the screen so she can see it better, because of preference, stature, lighting, etc.? Who starts playing around with a laptop they’re thinking about buying and doesn’t adjust the screen?

So, what’s the damn story here?! Even if all of this is true and actually does makes some sort of difference, doesn’t all of that go out the window completely after the first customer adjusts the screen to something other than 70°?

(I know you guys have quotas and have to get your page views and everything, but come on.)