I’m not not excited about the re-release of NetNewsWire

But, let’s be honest, a lot has changed since NetNewsWire was the go-to RSS aggregator many years ago, and from what I can tell it hasn’t kept pace. While it’s been completely re-written, the functionality still seems the same as it was way back when.

In 2016 I penned a rather detailed piece titled, “What I expect from a modern news reader.” There are quite a few things listed there that NNW still doesn’t account for. For example, one thing I always hated about NNW is that it didn’t “mark-as-read on scroll,” and from what I can tell it still doesn’t. That alone is already more friction than I’m willing to deal with.

In the piece mentioned above I noted that I was then using the Newsify iOS app with Feedly as the backend and source of truth. The only thing that’s really changed since then is that I now use the Feedly iOS app; it’s no-fuss, feels lightweight, and does everything outlined in that post, plus the action of adding to a read-it-later service is non-blocking—I can blaze through lists without having to wait on anything.

Feedly’s desktop site is great too, and so I just keep that in a pinned tab for when I’m jonesing for my news fix on my Mac.

Finally, and to be clear, I’m happy NNW is “back” (the more people using RSS the better as far as I’m concerned), but I think a lot of the excitement around the launch is rooted in nostalgia more than anything.

I’m excited to see what it can evolve into, and am especially excited to play with the iOS version when it’s released (assuming that, by then, it syncs with services other than Feedbin).